Adventure Program

Adventure Trekking @ Based Camp of Mt.Hkakaborazi

putao-03Mt.Hkakaborazi is the highest mountain not only in Myanmar but also in South East Asia. To be based camp of the Mt.Hkakaborazi is not easy to hike. The most difficulties are long trekking to the last village.......

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Trekking to the last village, Dahondane

putao-04Trekking to Dahondam village is one of the longest trekking trip in Myanmar. It you don’t want to clime Mt. Hkakaborazi, this trekking will be the longest one in the country. We designed this trekking trip for any person.....

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Adventure Trekking to Mt.Phonegan, 3635 M

putao-05Trekking to the Mt. Phonegan is the most popular bestselling trip and suitable for any travelers who want to explode mountain trekking trips combine with hill tribe villages, wild animals, floral and faunal and etc. We do recommend.......

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Adventure Trekking To Naung Mung

putao-06Trekking to Naungmung is designed for young and old travelers who want to make a trekking trip on the part of the Eastern Himalaya area. Naungmung is the last administrated town on the northern part Myanmar......

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