Trekking to the last village, Dahondan


Tour Code     : MTS-DHD-241
Tour Duration    : 24days / 23 nights
Route         : Yangon – Putao   – Yangon
Vacation Type  : Trekking & Hiking

Trekking to Dahondam village is one of the longest trekking trip in Myanmar. It you don’t want to clime Mt. Hkakaborazi, this trekking will be the longest one in the country. We designed this trekking trip for any person who want to make an expedition trip to be very removed unspoiled place in the world. Dahondam is the last village of Myanmar in the north and the main gate way to world famous Mt. Hkakaborazi. In this trip will get two different type of interesting. One is in cultural point of mountain ethnic and one is natural beauty of Myanmar’s Himalaya. About 1000 native are living at 11 small villages in the Hkakaborazi protected area, we will see different authentic cultural beauty of predominant ethnic group namely, Rawan, Les, Myanmar-Tibet. Especially, the Taron tribe of a height not more than 4 feet who live Arundam( Crown ) village. Apart from nature point, flora and fauna, as wild orchids, rhododendron, pine forest, rain forest, medicine plants and wild animal as Takin, mountain goad, red panda, monkey, gibbon, and butterflies, fishes, endemic bird species as tragopans & pheasants and etc are the main highlights of the tour. Although this trip is long trekking, we do recommend you to explode the hiding unspoiled beauty of Myanmar in would be world heritage site, “Hkakaborazi National Park”.

Detail Itinerary

Day 1.Yangon / Mandalay -Puta O by flight

Upon arrival at Putao airport, you will be welcomed by our representative to pick you up to the downtown of Putao which lies in a flat valley, jumping-off point for trekkers who want to explore the region’s deep forests, wildlife sanctuaries and snow-capped mountains. After a brief fresh up at a local restaurant, check in for your accommodation.

After take a rest at your hotel or guest house, enjoy scenic driving to Mularshide village. After sightseeing in the village, we will walk on the beautiful bridge which over Mular river. Looking to the snowcap mountain from the bridge will be the best introduction to northern Myanmar. You will see crystal ice white water on the rocky river “ Mular”. Fishing babies, women watching on the stone, bamboo-rafting men, kind fisher and sweet sound of the river will send you to back one century ago. We will make a briefing for our long trekking and have dinner at a local restaurant and night stop will be in Putao.

Day 2 .Putao – Machanbaw-Alangar-Htangar villages by truck ( 38 miles )

The journey full of riding for 38 miles, first to Machanbaw by truck and leave it at Malikha River to take another truck ride along the way up and down over the forested hills, absorbs your interest whilst watching the natural beauty of northern Myanmar with different approach of life of the people. Another experience hits a short happy moment by the time of crossing Htihkha River whose water is icy cold. The interval for lunch is at Alangar Village prior to the up driving towards Htangar Village where at a Kachin traditional house have dinner and night stay.It will be a full day adventure driving along forest mountain range.

Day 3.Htangar – Auriga Camp – Batbaw village –Magweza Camp – Ratbaw village by truck ( 28 miles )

Before lunch that is at Batbaw Village, have an imaginary moment at Auriga forest camp on the bank of Kasnkha River subsequent to the truck trip on the mountain. In the intermission includes a short stop at Magweza for full grasp of used energy prior to the continuity to Ratbaw Village for night stop. The destination for the day program is one of the largest Lizu villages, standing on the mountain, and there sightseeing will provide the view of easy-minded lifestyles of the villagers for the increment of local knowledge. It will be another full day adventure driving in the deep forest. If time permit, you can make short trekking on the way. Evergreen forest, small stream, bird’s call and nature will serve you to be pleasure.

Day 4.Ratbaw village- Shiman village- Gathtu village- Chalka village- Gawle village( 12 miles)

Under the Kachin sun, clasp a leisurely scenic moment through the adventure trekking initiated in the morning, in the famous Hkaborazi national park, and on the way consists of some villages: Shiman Village, Gathtu Village and Chalkan Village which is the most reasonable site for lunch. The easy trek has a good fact for the revelation of the real nature in the forest possessed kinds of wild butterflies and green plants. The arrival at Gawle Village for pleasant night stop ends the day tour program in the evening. Today will be good full day trekking in the nature.

Day 5.Gawle – Shin Chan Khu camp ( 10 miles )

Today you are entering KhakaboRazi National Park.

The morning sun is soft enough for the beginning of the tour program which initiates with the trekking along the river, the only one death-river in the national park; a half-day hiking on the mountain, positioned in the second place of the program, will ensure the satisfaction of the unspoiled beauty of northern Myanmar. The evening arrival at Shin Chan Khu forest camp, situated on the hill side of the dense forest mountain, the most popular for mountain lovers, offers refreshment throughout the bath in a small spring nearby the camp.

Day 6.Shin Chan Khu Camp – Panandin town ( 5 miles trekking )

The morning trekking is in the ascending order on Panandinon Mountain, having an altitude of 7900 ft, and it as a whole is followed by the trek down to the Panandin Village. Looked like a small town on the mountain, it is the farthest place of administration in northern Myanmar. Food and drink in the small-town-like village are available for our long trekking trip. Enjoy the time easily during the sightseeing in the village together with dinner and overnight at a forest building.

Day 7.Panandim – Lonnat Camp ( by 7 and half hours trekking )

No need for rush in the course of the easy trek along the hill side of the forested mountain that makes us admire the beauty of the scenery together with variety of wildlife which can be observed throughout the day tour program. The beautiful rocky bank of May Kha River ensures for the choice of the place for lunch. The next trekking is not long and in the late afternoon we arrive at Lonnet forest camp to cease the day line up.

Day 8.Lonnat Camp – Ngawa Village by 7 hours trekking

trekkingOn the mountain full of deep rain forest and the way includes crossing a small stream on a bridge as well as walking in the bamboo forest; all have a short end for lunch with a rest. The second section after lunch is the way by walk in paddy fields enroute stop for Ngawa Village situated on the bank of May Kha River surrounded by forested area. It is one of the most famous Rawn hunters’ villages as well as the edge place where rice can grow in northern Myanmar.

Day 9.Ngawa village – Wangsiwang Camp by 9 miles trekking

After trekking in the rain forest and bamboo forest, cross to the other side of May Kha river on the small suspension bridge. It will be scenery trekking again on our trip. Lunch on the rocky mountain bank of the lovely May Khariver. In the evening, arrive at Wangsiwangcamp. Stop there for a night.

Day 10.Wangsiwang camp- Gawai village ( 6 miles )

Only a half day trip after breakfast on the hill side of the mountain Elephant Glass attractive with rain forest on the rocky mountain ranges will be ended at Gawai Village for lunch.It will be an easy trekking day again.Take your leisure evening to enjoy the nature and forest near by the village. Dinner and night stop at the village will give unforgettable experience.

Day 11.Gawai village – Dazongdam village ( 12 miles )

May Kha River is fine looking in the light of the morning and it as a whole can be experienced while passing on the bridge; up and down trends of long walk in the dense forest presents the sense of the alternative view of nature unspoiled. There are some rivers we need to pass during the way of the trek: Sankhulon River and Adonlon River; the arrival at Dazongdam Village is after the former one. The village is small but beautiful with simple traditional lifestyles. Dinner and night stop will be at a Daru traditional house built with timber in the style of the tribe.

(Note:It is junction point of the Mt. Hakaborazi and Adonven valley. )

Day 12.Dazungdam village - HtalaHtu village ( 9 miles )

The northern part of Myanmar is beautiful with suspension bridges – we will cross four – with waterfalls, a high and admired one will be seen on the way to HtalaHtu Village by trekking along Sankhulon River. Lunch time will be fallen after crossing two bridges. The whole forest seems to be ornamented with bamboo to become a unique picturesque. The village in the valley of forested mountain will be reached in the evening for night stop.Lest call it most adventure trekking on the tour because of deep forest and long bamboo suspension bridges.

Day 13. HtalaHyu – Krong village – Dahondam, the last village ( by 7 hours trekking )

(Today you can meet the short Tarung people at Krong village on the way)

Keep yourself occupied with the 3 mile trek to see the Tarung people at Krong Village, combining with sightseeing and lunch there, among the trees on the mountain along our trekking line. Refresh through a rest, after a long journey, by the time of the evening arrival at a village where to have dinner and night stay at a timber hut.

Day 14.Rest and take your leisure time at the last village, Dahondam 5000ft

It is the arrival at the last place, a village namely Dahondam positioned 5000 ft above sea level, and there, in the whole cool atmosphere, it is better to take time for rest. Either a rest or a climb onto a mountain – as it is the final place – near it to see Mt. Hkakaborazi, 6887m is under consideration.

Day 15 – 23. Dahondan village – Putao, the last small administrations town in the nort point of the country

After take a rest at the last village, trek back to Naungmon as previous days as following daily itinerary.Day15. Leisure Morning in the last village. After lunch, trekking to Krong village.( 4 miles )Day 16. Krong village – Dazungdam village ( 12 miles )Day 17. Dazungdam – Gawai village ( 12 miles )Day18. Gawai village – Wangsiwang camp- Ngawa village ( 15 miles )Day 19. Ngawa village –Lonnat camp- Panandim village (15miles )Day 20. Panandim- Shin Chan Khu camp - Gawle village (15 miles )Day 21. Gawle village – Ratbaw village (12 miles)Day 22.Ratbaw village – Htanga village by truck (2 8 miles )Day 23. Htanga village – Putao by truck ( 38 miles )

Day 24.Puta O-Yangon / Mandalay

In the early morning, visit colorful morning market and have breakfast at a local restaurant. After that, visit Hakaborazi and Phoneganrazi national parts wild life education centers and transfer to airport for your domestic flight to Yangon or Mandalay. If time permitted, you can visit a village to observe daily lifestyle of local people.

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