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Myanmar Divers' Paradise

myanmar-divers-paradiseThe Mergui Archipelago and the remote Burmese Banks are today the "must" for every serious sea lover. More than 800 islands are scattered on 3600 km2, waiting for exploration. Just imagine: underwater, untouched reefs, no boat engine to tear your ears apart, no curtains of bubbles to obstruct your vision; at the surface, deserted beaches, fishing villages, amazing rock formations… Do not miss this unique opportunity to explore truly non-crowded sites ...

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Myanmar Mine Railway

myanmar-mine-railwayThe steam locomotive in Myanmar is historic and interesting to the visitors who are eager in locos. The railways of Myanmar remain during the WW II after 1940s. The Japanese occupied in 1942 and the finally recapture of the country by the Allies in 1944-45 so that resulted many damages to the truck and locomotives as well as the railways throughout the country...

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Myanmar Best Birding

bird-homeIncluding all Myanmar’s undamaged species and most of the endanger species of the country at the important birding sites and famous culture historical sites, “Myanmar Best Birding ” focus on all bird-watchers who want to visit Myanmar as first time...

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Naga Traditional New Year Festival 2016

mts-nagaNumerous Naga tribes spread throughout the Northwestern hills of Myanmar. Most of the Naga are from the Chin State. The Naga festival is social, but it is also to exchange previous year experiences. to make plans for the coming year and to discuss how to overcome difficulties....

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