Bird Watching in Myanmar

Destination : Yangon,  Bagan , Mt. Victoria, Hukaung Valley, Kalaw, AlaungdawKathapha National Park , Mt. Phonekan National Park in Putao, Moeyungyi Wetlands, Ayeyarwady River

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Bird watching in Myanmar is become popular in Asia for all of Myanmar endemic and endangered species. Being rich in plenty of nature resources, many different type of forest, low land ever green forest mountain, snow-capped mountains, unspoiled beaches and costal line, white water and mighty rivers, natural lakes and oxbow lake, Myanmar will provide you unforgettable birding experiences with us.

Myanmar is a country, which boasts 1,035 species of birds, 12% of the total number of the world bird species. Besides, as it is endowed with a diverse topography, various species of birds can be studied all at once.

Myanmar is one of the countries in the world which are listed to be covered with forests. It possesses 22.08 million acres of mountain forests, 13.59 million acres of evergreen forests, 33.12 acres of mixed deciduous forests, 4.24 million acres of Indaing forests, 8.49 million acres of dry forests, and 3.4 million acres of tidal forests, sand-bank forests and swamps.

The world endangered species of water-fowls can be watched and studied in the world wide known Inle Lake having an area of 248 square miles, the Indawgyi Lake which is twice the size of the former, the 40- square- mile Moeyungyi Lake Sanctuary, the Oxbow Lake in Hukaung Valley covered with evergreen forests.

The 2,170- km-long river, Ayeyarwady, the 966-km-long river, Chindwin, 2,816-km-long river, Thanlwin and the 483-km-long river, Sittaung are the haunts of many different species of birds.

The famous Myanmar bird watching sights are ( 1 ) Bagan, the land of globally endangered species as White-throated Babbler, Burmese Bushlark, Jerdon’sMinivet and Hooded Treepie (2) the area around Mt. Victoria, the land of White-Browed Nuthatch, Burmese Tit, Mount Victoria Babax, (a potential split from Chinese Babax), endemic Chin Hills Wren-babbler (3) the Hukaung Valley, Tanaing river and the Lake, Indawgyi in the Kachin State, where Pink-headed Ducks are still believed to haunt and Masked Finfoot, white win duck and White Bellied Heron are still exited ( 4 ) the Kalaw hill and the Inle Lake, the habitats of such rare species as Burmese Yuhina, Dark-backed Sibia, Jerdon’sBushchat, Collared Myna (5) AlaungdawKathapha National Park which boasts many species of wood peckers, (6) Mt. Phonekan National Park in Putao, a home for Trogopan, and Himalayan species ( 7 ) Land of endemic Gurney’s Pitta and many rare species, Tenasserim (7) Moeyungyi Wetlands and the river course along the great Ayeyarwady, where there are a lot of migratory birds in winter and water-fowls and so forth.


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