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Attractive and amazing minorities of Myanmar


There are estimated more than 150,000 Nagas, comprising of 12 major tribes and many sub-tribes, dwelling in Myanmar. Since hundreds years, Nagas live high in the northwestern hills region, along the India border, but in recent years, many have moved to the Chin Dwin River Valley around the Sagaing Division and Chin State.mts-nga-02

Despite they share basically in agricultural, hunting, and animal husbandry lifestyle, each tribe has developed in a different way that can be observed in individual costumes, weaving styles, bodies and facial tattoos, head-dresses or hats and other individualized ornaments.

That there can be proud and having people, Nagas are well known that they are honest and brave. An adult Naga man must be a warrior. Therefore they are re known hunters' and fierce warriors. Their exiting history inclusive of the practice of head-taking, especially among enemies. Today, they cooperate in an effort to preserve their traditions and history. Other major components such as education, technology and modern transportation have improved living conditions.

Annually, in January, many different kinds of Naga tribes come together to celebrate Kaing Bi (Naga New Year). Formerly it was a private celebration; it is now open to the public.

Naga Tribal Museum

Naga Tribal Museum is aiming to preserve the traditional artifacts and relics which representing for all the Naga sub tribes.mts-nga-03

It was founded in 2004 and had been planned to appear for many years. The Naga Cultural Committee is cooperating with the Naga people to be collected the numerous artifacts before the museum was opened.

Nowadays, the Naga people have a good opportunity to preserve their heritage in this museum as a mark of pride and consideration.


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