Travel Tips


Airport Tax

Any passengers departing Myanmar on international flights will need to pay a departure tax of US$ 10.00 per person.


Jewelry, electrical good and cameras, etc., must be cleared at Yangon International Airport. If you bring more than USD 2000, it may be declared at custom. Visitors are not allowed to bring in or out take out Myanmar currency, Kyats, antiques and archaeologically valuable items are not allowed to be taken out.

Immigration & Customs Formalities

Your valuables (jewelry, cameras, electronic equipment, etc.) should be declared on your customs declaration form upon arrival. Receipt of purchase and an export permit voucher for locally bought goods such as gems and jewelry may be required upon departure.

Duty Free Allowance

Two bottles of liquor, two cartons of cigarettes or 100 cigars and half liter of perfume are allowed per person. Yangon Airport arrival hall has a selection of duty free shops with a full range of items at a good price.


Myanmar currency is “Kyat” which comprises 100 pyas. The denominiations are Kyat-10000,5000,1000, 500, 200, 100,  50, 20,10, 5 . The United State Dollar is now widely used in Myanmar.


Temperate and cool during the months of November to February and the best time to come visiting. Warm to scorching from March to May in the Dry Zone but moderate on the Shan and Kachin States. It is monsoon season from June to October in Yangon and the coastal regions, so plan to go to Bagan and Mandalay during this time.

Mobile Phones

Local telephone network allow any International roaming (GSM, WCDMA). So, cell phone can bring from oversea are able to use within Myanmar. But roaming charges is a little bit expensive than other countries, and more convenience for Tourist to rent mobile phone or one used SIM card at the airport. For tourist SIM, you can see in details @ TELENOR MYANMAR’ Presentation  -   Telenor Tourist SIM pdf

Credit Cards

While visitors once had to bring in all the necessary cash for their travels into Myanmar, there are now over 600 ATMS that accept international bank and credit cards located throughout the country – although bear in mind that most are concentrated in Yangon, Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw, Bagan and Inle Lake. Cardholders can also withdraw local currency from ATMs and use their cards at a growing number of major outlets such as hotels, restaurants, and retailers.

Currently only Visa, Mastercard (Maestro/Cirrus), China’s Union Pay and Japan’s JCB can be used; the biggest providers of compatible ATMs are CB (Co-operative) Bank and KBZ (Kanbawza) Bank. Others include AGD Bank, AYA Bank and United Amara Bank.


No inoculations or vaccinations are required unless coming from or passing through an infected area. Clients should bring sufficient medication with them if required and should check for updated health recommendations before your departure to Myanmar regarding hepatitis, malaria, typhoid, etc. Please contact us if you would like detailed information on emergency health services available.


We recommend all clients to obtain the necessary personal baggage, medical and accident insurance before arrival. SOS Worldwide has a local representative office in Yangon with a 24 hour on call service for emergency evacuation and medical assistance.


The majority of the people speak Myanmar (Burmese) and English is widely used.


The majority of the people of Myanmar are Buddhist although Christianity, Islam and Hinduism are also practiced.


The Myanmar Standard Time is six and half hours in advance of Greenwich Mean Time. One and half hours difference with Singapore and 30 minutes with Thailand.


The voltage in Myanmar is 220-230 Volts AC. Most of the international hotels have their own generators. Other places may experience power cuts and voltage fluctuation which can damage equipment like computers. Please travel with the required protection for your electrical items.


Mosquito repellent and sunscreen are a must. Try to avoid going out in the midday sun when it’s very hot. Don’t forget to bring medication you would normally use in emergencies, such as antibiotics etc. Most medicines are available but maybe not the brand you normally use.

Drinking Water

Only drink purified bottle water. Bottled water is readily available and some hotels provide complimentary. Carry a bottle with you throughout the day.


In Myanmar, there are many reasonable restaurants. The food in Myanmar is a bit limited. In the most tourist spots of Myanmar, Chinese food, Indian food and Myanmar traditional food are available. In Yangon and Mandalay, Japanese food, Korean food and European cuisine are also available. Myanmar traditional food will consist streamed rice, curry, salads and soup.


The warm weather clothing is adequate for the most tourist site in Myanmar. But cold weather clothing should be dressed in the hill region like Kalaw and Pyin Oo Lwin. The modest dress and easily removable footwear are recommended when visiting religious buildings such as pagodas and monasteries. Hats and sunglasses are recommended for the hot season and an umbrella and rain coat for the rainy season.


Shopping in Myanmar is still really bargain opportunity. There are many natural resources such as gems and handmade souvenirs all over Myanmar. As example, Myanma Ruby, jade, sapphire and peal are the best in the world. So, you can get the best gems and jewelry in a good and reasonable price. And also, very famous Myanma Lacquer ware, carved wood, tapestries, textiles, silverware, paintings, paper umbrella, Shan shoulder bag and etc. are must-buy items in Myanmar.


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