Over recent years Myanmar has enjoyed a massive increase in global tourism interest. As one of the last undeveloped frontiers of South East Asian tourism, Myanmar offers a unique variety of exotic experiences and tastes. From the pure, white sandy beaches on islands scattered through the Mergui Peninsula in the south alongside Thailand, to the emerald green gardens of Yangon and upwards.

The famous Irrawaddy River meanders its way to the old royal capital of Mandalay and on to the plains of Bagan where over 2,000 Buddhist temples, stupas and pagoda’s lie waiting to be explored. The visitor can travel further north through tropical jungles and rainforests to the foot-hill of the Himalayas. From the mountains to the sea, Myanmar offers it all for the modern intrepid tourist to explore.

Modern Myanmar enjoys strong relationships with many international businesses, from food service to hospitality and banking, all aspects of commercial opportunity abound in Myanmar.

Myanmar also offers the following points of interest.

  • Myanmar is the largest Country on mainland Southeast Asia.
  • It has the longest coastline at 2,832 kms
  • Myanmar possesses tremendous economic potential with a wealth of natural resources spread over more than 676, 577 square kilometers.
  • Geographically Myanmar lies between the world’s two biggest markets ~ India and China.
  • Myanmar provides easy access to regional international markets through organizations such as ASEAN, BIMST-EC, GMS.
  • Myanmar is under-going a rapid privatization process and is currently restructuring the public enterprises.
  • Foreign investment is welcome, special incentives and guarantees are being offered to attract investors.

“This is Burma and it will be quite unlike any land you know about....”

Rudyard Kipling (Letters from the East - 1889)



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